From its birth on 10th December 1977, The Cathouse has seen some pretty extraordinary things (and some extraordinary pretty things!). But now, in its 38th year, it’s time for something new.


Succulent Cheeseburger
Those that know The Cathouse are already aware that it has always had great food, and that’s great food at the best price in the area! Well now it’s available to everyone from 12:00pm lunchtime up until 2am in the morning and with Happy Hour drinks from 12:00pm until 8pm!


Even more shocking, the bar itself has stepped back about 10 feet from the road and there is now a patio? A balcony? Al fresco dining? Whatever you want to call it, there are now tables and chairs outside for patrons, whether eating or drinking.

Tasty tender Ham Steak, almost 1/2" thick


Finally, the Cable TV and Internet service have been upgraded and The Cathouse now boasts 8 large LCD screens, 2 of the 40” screens being located outside at either end of the Patio, one 50” screen located centrally in the bar and another 5 littered around the walls. There’s also a projector over the bar for when something really exciting is happening (well, sportswise anyway).

The internet is now offering 10Mbps Wifi but as always, actual speed will depend on the number of people connected and sharing the bandwidth.


If you haven't tried these unique Chicken preparations, available only at The Cathouse, you're really missing out - They are something special but need to be ordered 1 day in advance due to the lengthy preparation time!